Phaze One Cycle Armor Cleaners



Trikes by Rodney is an authorized dealer for Phaze One/Cycle Armor Cleaning Products, specifically designed for keeping your trike looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor. Cycle Armor products are boosted with "Polycharger" to ensure the highest quality protection against harsh elements.  There are Cycle Armor products to protect your expensive paint, chrome, leather, vinyl and windshields.

Since aluminum can vary in condition, Phaze One developed three products to help you restore your wheels quicker and easier.

• Cycle Armor Aluminum Restore is designed to clean your aluminum of road grime and brake dust that has embedded itself on your wheels. 
• Cycle Armor Aluminum Polish polishes your aluminum to a brilliant shine and
• Cycle Armor Aluminum Guard is a sealant that bonds to the aluminum for months of protection from the elements.

Cycle Armor Waterless Wash replaces buckets, hoses, detergents and chamois. It is a polymer based spray on - wipe off detailer that leaves a deep reflective shine that protects your paint and chrome from harmful UV rays and bug remains. 

Cycle Armor Cycle Guard Plus provides the ultimate protection.  Apply to a clean surface with no buffing required. That’s right! The wipe on/walk away formula leaves a brilliant shine and protects against acid rain, bird droppings and harsh elements from the sun.

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