Trikes By Rodney

Trikes by Rodney is owned and operated by the dynamic husband/wife duo of Rodney and Mollie Crooks. Rodney had a lifelong dream to start his own business. We considered many different business ventures…searching for the opportunity that would enable us to work together and mesh our OCD talents without killing each other!

We both began riding motorcycles in our teens. Then life intervened…marriage, children, kids’ activities, other hobbies, careers. Our love for riding was renewed when we purchased our first Harley Davidson in 2002.

We watched the amazing transformation of motorcycle riding as more and more women became owners/drivers and our baby boomer friends sought more safety and security in their rides. After exhaustive research (someone had to ride all those different trikes!)….Rodney announced our new adventure…and in 2008 Trikes by Rodney LLC was incorporated.


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