Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in a Trike conversion by Trikes By Rodney please review our FAQ's below to learn more about our Trike conversions.

A trike is a three-wheeled motorcycle. Each kit is built specific to what you want. You supply the motorcycle and we will make it into a trike!

We can create a trike on 6 different makes of bikes with over 40 different models. Give us a call today and we can send you a brochure!!

U.S. regulations do not require a parking brake. Some other countries do require one, which is why we offer it as an option. It is also an extra measure of security for parking a trike on steep hills. Trikes left in gear or in reverse should keep the bike stationary under most conditions.

Yes, but you won’t want to after riding such an amazing trike! Seriously though, a trike conversion will almost always add more value to your motorcycle when the time comes to sell, so adding a trike kit is not only a great experience but a sound economic one as well. If you still want to convert back to two wheels, some of the OEM parts may have been modified during the installation depending on the model, but all can be replaced and all other original components will fit back on the motorcycle.

The amount of air needed varies by kit; you should reference your owner's manual or preventative maintenance sheet for the corresponding information.

On solid axle shaft driven bikes, the rear end number is stamped into the TOP side of the pinion snout (above the driveshaft attachment point). On solid axle belt drive bikes, it is on the back side of the main carrier housing. Honda IRS the number is stamped into the differential support just below the rear cover. Belt driven IRS kits, the number is stamped into a plate that is attached to the center of the aluminum carrier. (This number is required for any repairs done and replacement parts.)

No, the wiring harness for the motorcycle is a separate item. Many bikes being converted already have a harness on their unit which is why this is a separate item.

Our rake kit is designed to minimize the steering effort by replacing the steering stem with a canted axis steering stem. The new raked steering stem is constructed of billet aircraft grade aluminum. Motor Trike’s patent pending design retains the use of the most critical Honda components including the cast lower fork. This utilizes the reliability and maintain the appearance of the stock components. The rake kit is nearly invisible once installed, and is optimized to provide the best trike steering geometry possible learned over 25 years of experience. The result of Honda’s innovative front suspension combined with Motor Trike’s revolutionary rake kit is the best trike front suspension in the world.

Yes, our kit is designed to work with these features (ABS package requires additional parts purchase).

Yes, we offer a line of "custom" wheels we can order as well for an additional cost. Please contact your local dealer for a listing of the wheels we offer.

Yes, we include steel framework so they will support the weight as you get on and off of your trike.

We use a 5 on 4 1/2" bolt pattern on our conversions.

You should contact your installing dealer with your concern or repair needs.

You can contact your local Motor Trike dealer for replacement part information, or you can contact Motor Trike for part information and pricing.

No, we design each kit with a specific gear ratio to maximize performance, economy, and rideability.

We design each kit with a specific gear ratio. In the event we alter the gear ratio from the OEM, we provide a speedometer calibration unit to correct the speedometer (SH750 and VTX1300).

Yes, we do offer a parking brake option with our trike kits. The cost of this will vary by each specific kit.

We offer our kits both ways. We offer paint from the factory as well as a gel coat option that allows our dealers to keep an on hand inventory and paint the kit at the time of sale.

Yes, any modification to the frame of a motorcycle voids the manufacturer warranty. However, many dealerships are trike friendly and will continue to honor the factory warranty as long as they deem the need for repair was not caused by the addition of a trike kit.

There are some makes and models of bikes that requires us to change the exhaust system to accommodate our conversions. This cost is not included in the kit price as some customers already have an aftermarket system we can utilize as well as dealers that opt to purchase exhaust systems through their sources as well.

Trailer FAQs

No. Escapade trailers will perform exceptionally under all conditions, loaded or not.

Escapade trailers do not include a spare tire as standard equipment. They can be purchased as an option for all trailers. LE, Excel, and Elite models are built with a spare tire compartment in the floor of the trailer.

All Escapade trailers come with a wiring harness for the motorcycle. It is a 6-pin, molded, corrosion resistant, rectangular plug.

Escapade trailers come standard with a white painted rim with tire and a black powder coated tongue & coupler.

All Escapade trailers (except Eclipse model) are equipped with a valve inside the trailer which fills both Progressive air shocks simultaneously. Each trailer comes with a suspension pump with pressure gauge. The air shocks should not be filled using compressed air.

No. There are some states that do not require a license plate, and those that do, offer either automotive size (large) or motorcycle size (small) plates. Order the Chrome Accent Package and specify the size of the license plate frame, large or small.