Escapade Trailers


Escapade Trailers (by California Side Car)

Escapade Trailers have earned the reputation as the premier manufacturer of touring trailers and accessories. This reputation is based on thousands of satisfied customers pulling their Escapade trailers over hundreds of thousands of miles on roads and highways all over the globe. Form and function meet with the superb body styling, suspension and storage capacity, creating a trailer that looks as beautiful as it performs. Escapade’s LE, SE, & Elite model trailers have that timeless aura of style, but with all the benefits of Escapade Trailers’ modern suspension and engineering designs. The simple, elegant body and classic lighting style make for the ideal complement to any rig. With over 25 cu. ft. of storage capacity and spare tire compartment, you'll never run out of space, even on your longest adventures.

Excel Trailers (the newest trailer from California Side Car)

In designing this new Excel model, Escapade has kept the best features of the previous generations that made Escapade America's #1 motorcycle cargo trailer. In addition, CSC improved the Independent Suspension by elongating the swing arm, changing the shock angle and adding a new Anti-Roll Suspension System. This ARS allows full independent suspension movement while keeping the trailer flat and stable for better handling and less lean in tight corners along with better tracking behind the motorcycle.

Eclipse Trailers (by California Side Car)

The Eclipse delivers all of the great design, style and engineering qualities of the Escapade Classic, but at a fraction of the price. People were saying they wanted a quality engineered trailer at a lower price because they only used it once or twice a year. CSC responded with the Eclipse. To make the price more affordable, CSC replaced the air shocks with Progressive coil over piston shocks and offer the finish in a polished gel coat. Available with several factory-installed options, the Eclipse will follow faithfully to wherever your journeys may take you.

Escapade Trailer Features

Escapade Trailer is the only manufacturer that combines the body and frame of the trailer to make a single unit. The steel T-Chassis is integrated into the trailer body which lowers the trailer's center of gravity and ensures stable performance in all riding situations. This gives the trailer a smooth, flat surface over which air can travel unobstructed and also creates longitudinal and latitudinal, greatly enhancing the cargo deck's strength.

The Escapade Trailer's legendary handling is the product of a brilliantly engineered suspension system. The trailers incorporate an air shock system with an independent trailing swing arm design. The shocks have been designed for CSC by the industry leader - Progressive Suspension, Inc. The special damping cartridge gives superior damping even when the trailer is towed empty, meaning no bounce under every condition. These Progressive air shocks are used in all models except the Eclipse which uses a Progressive coil over spring shock.

Escapade Trailer's superb tracking is due in part to its United States Department of Transportation approved 12-inch wheel and 4.80 x 12" tubeless tire. The larger than average wheels and tires have a more positive gyroscopic effect when turning at highway speeds. The increased width has more tread to road surface contact and grips the road to eliminate the swaying tendencies of thinner tires. And because it is a standard automotive size, it is easily replaced even in those out-of-way rural areas. (Standard equipment is painted white wheel. Chrome wheels are available as an option)

Trailer bodies are hand made and custom finished at the CSC factory. CSC’s in-house fiberglass and paint departments insure the highest degree of quality control and the color match capability is unsurpassed. Bodies are painted using top of the line urethane paints and clears, with a 2-3 part paint process and 3 clear coats. For GL1800 colors, we use the same paints and clears supplied to Honda. Bodies are wet sanded and then polished in a two-step process to achieve an amazing paint finish.

Greater visibility means greater safety. Escapade Trailer exceeds the trailer light standards set by the United States Department of Transportation. All lighting is connected to the bike's power supply with a substantial wiring harness that is firmly secured inside the trailer. There is no external wiring except at the tongue connection. For even more visibility, request the spoiler with L.E.D. brake light.

With an Escapade, you will get spaciousness that can't be beat -- over 25 cu. ft of storage space, including an integrated spare tire compartment and utility storage areas that are designed to maintain a flat surface on the trailer deck (LE, SE and Elite models).